Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Enough about Twitter 'Rights'. Twitter is a private company not an organ of the State.

As a tweeting enthusiast,  I have every sympathy for journo, Mr Guy Adams, having his account suspended by Twitter. Something to do with criticism of US Broadcaster NBC.

And yet the way the 'twitterati' have been carrying on, you would think that Twitter was a state organisation, owned by the taxpayer and that every Twitter user had 'rights' that must not be infringed.

But Twitter is not owned by the State. It is a private company providing a FREE service.   Just as a pub landlord has the right to ban someone from his Bar, so Twitter is justified in preventing individuals from using its FREE product.

It is true that Twitter has a de facto social media monopoly -  at least as far as 140 characters are concerned - but that it is because it has an entirely FREE service - of great quality - that millions sign up to VOLUNTARILY.

If enough of us believe that Twitter is behaving arbitrarily, that there are too many 'Guy Adams'  episodes for our liking, then simples: we just go back to Facebook or start using Google Plus.   A newer - fairer - social media product might even emerge. Did I hear the word Menshn anyone?

But enough please of the faux outrage. Lets get away from this idea that we have rights and entitlements - even when it comes to free  social media. Twitter can do what it likes and us tweeters can like it or lump it. Twitter owes us nothing - more the other way round.

P. S.  Apparently Twitter has reinstated Mr Adam' s Account.  All tweets well that tweet well.

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